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  • The Inexorable Grind of Life

    So I have started writing this post multiple times, in a multitude of different ways. There have been attempts at humour, attempts as a story, a letter, even getting ChatGPT to write it for me (boo, hiss!). Straight off the… Read More ›

  • Editorial

    Welcome, one and all to Etherea’s inaugural Spooky Issue! Fittingly published on Hallow’s Eve, a time where the walls between the seen and unseen tremble and crack. Who knows what will be able to reach through these pages? Who knows… Read More ›

  • Editorial

    This week a small part of Science Fiction became reality. In the vein of ‘Armageddon’, and to a lesser degree ‘Don’t Look Up’, humanity took its first steps in establishing a Planetary Defence System. For those who aren’t aware, on… Read More ›

  • Editorial

    It’s hard to believe that Etherea has been going for an entire year, but here we are! In many ways, it comes as a bit of a shock to me. Partially because a year could have been the far side… Read More ›

  • Editorial – June 2022

    No writer is an island. (Nor, for that matter is an editor) Etherea (who does he think he is then, talkin’ about hi’self not only in the third person, but by the name of the magazine?) had the good fortune… Read More ›

  • Editorial May 2022

    The Etherea Family is growing! It is with immense pleasure that I welcome Nick Petrou to Etherea as a First Reader. Nick is an accomplished writer, podcaster, and copywriter from way over West (depending on your geographical point of view)…. Read More ›

  • Trials and Tribulations

    Happy New Year! It has been quite a while since I have given an update to the site, and the New Year seems like a perfect time to do so. Like a young teen in love who keeps track of… Read More ›

  • Reprints Accepted

    Old is new again! Or is it not recycling, but upcycling? I don’t know, but either way the people have spoken and Etherea Magazine is now accepting reprints (stories that have previously been published elsewhere). This is due to multiple… Read More ›

  • Podcasting Hubris.

    I would say that I am fairly capable storyteller, and a confident enough public speaker for the thought of entertaining a crowd to cause only mild consternation. So when I was invited to be on Myth and Magic, a Podcast… Read More ›

  • Facebook Ads, or How to Piss Off Strangers

    Well now, that backfired. As a relative newbie to Facebook marketing, and with a fledgling business (I do find the idea of calling Etherea Magazine at this point in time a business very amusing), when Facebook offers a bunch of… Read More ›