Etherea Magazine is the latest Australian Speculative Fiction Magazine

Our Mission

We have set out to create a new space for speculative fiction of any kind. We want to create opportunities for writers to display their talents. Whilst we would love for an Etherea alum to become the next big author, we are more than happy giving skilled everyday writers a place for their stories. We want every one of our accepted authors to be proud that their piece appeared in our magazine.

Our History

Is short, unsurprisingly. Established July 2021, the inaugural issue was published on the 15th of August, 2021. We are damned proud of it.

The Team

Editor – Aidan Wilson

Hailing from the known literary hub of North Queensland, Aidan spends his days hiding from the sun with his nose deep in a book (or looking at a screen, as it were). When he isn’t reading copious amounts of short fiction, Aidan enjoys painting the town red, as long as he can be home by nine and no one minds the majority of buildings left untouched. Often seen with the mildly anxious look of someone who can see the deadline looming on the horizon, but is studiously avoiding looking in that direction.

Reviewer – Katie McIvor

Katie McIvor grew up in Scotland and studied at the University of Cambridge. She now lives in England and works at a language library, where she is surrounded by books and films in over 200 languages. When not struggling to alphabetise Japanese textbooks, she likes to go on long walks with her husband and two dogs. Her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Terrain.org, Mythaxis Magazine and Potato Soup Journal. She can be found on Twitter at @_McKatie_

Reader – Nick Petrou

Nick Petrou works as a freelance copywriter out of Fremantle, Western Australia, where he likes to read unsettling fiction and complain about the sun. His short fiction has been (or will soon be) published by PseudoPod, The Arcanist, Etherea Magazine, and others.

You can find out lots more about him at nspetrou.com and reach out to him on Twitter @nspetrou.

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