Editorial May 2022

The Etherea Family is growing!

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome Nick Petrou to Etherea as a First Reader. Nick is an accomplished writer, podcaster, and copywriter from way over West (depending on your geographical point of view).

Nick, as you will of course remember, had his excellent story “A Necromancer Need Not Be Evil” published in our March Issue. If you are interested in more of his work I would highly recommend listening to his Podcast – Spinning Yarns with Nick and Paddy.

In other exciting news, we have reached double digits! Yes, this latest issue of Etherea that you now hold (for a given value of hold), is our tenth. It does mean that we are only two away from our anniversary (which WordPress kindly reminded me of – with a whopping great invoice), which would probably be more cause for celebration, but any excuse for a party, right?   

Finally, this issue will be the first that will be fully available in print! I have been tinkering with past issues, and have slowly (glacially) worked out the kinks. So, by the end of May, physical copies will be available from the Etherea site. It’ll be a nice little A5 book, fully coloured, and available as a dropship order from Ingram Spark.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Etherea Magazine!



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