Welcome, one and all to Etherea’s inaugural Spooky Issue! Fittingly published on Hallow’s Eve, a time where the walls between the seen and unseen tremble and crack. Who knows what will be able to reach through these pages? Who knows what is watching from the other side?

Well, in all honesty, probably no-one (but never say never!).

In case you didn’t notice, we publish Science Fiction and Fantasy, so a toe dip into the macabre is about as far as we are going to take it. It would probably be a bit of a betrayal to the subscribers to have an issue solely dedicated to horror and the like. (We do think of you all when compiling the stories!)

That being said, it was fun going into this issue with the idea that we would have a limited run of creepier stories. For example, our overworked first reader, Nick Petrou, graces us with a particularly chilling tale, one which I read with more than a touch of discomfort (there is a reason why Etherea is not a horror mag).

But fear not, if you are similar in tastes to myself, there is still the usual fare of wonderful, imaginative speculative fiction in this issue for you to delve into.

I hope you have a fantastic Halloween, and I please enjoy this, our terrifyingly good issue!



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