It’s hard to believe that Etherea has been going for an entire year, but here we are!

In many ways, it comes as a bit of a shock to me. Partially because a year could have been the far side of the Moon, for how attainable it felt, and partially because it arrived so quickly. There is a lot of truth in the adage of “just one step after the other”.

I’d love to say that I have kicked all the goals that I set out to achieve this year, but the truth is, there is still quite a lot left to be done.

  • The anthologies sit, waiting to be compiled and published.  
  • The paperbacks sit, waiting to be submitted to Ingram Spark.
  • The merchandise sits, waiting to be finalised.
  • The monthly comic sits, waiting to be drawn.

In fact, the funny thing about the anthologies is they were supposed to come every six months – awkwardly the second six is now run and done, so technically there are two anthologies hanging over my head.

Potentially I have missed my calling as a maker of rods, each formidable and stout, and comfortably worn in.

The problem is, is that overextending oneself is just so much fun. Pie in the Sky ideas never fail as long as you keep looking up.

Honestly, though? I say these in jest (not the Pie in the Sky line, that’s a cracker, if potentially toxic).

A year of Etherea is an achievement that I am very proud of. With Katie and Nick, we’ve assembled a great little team, and we have also published stories from over 100 contributors!

I hope when you read these pages, you can feel the care and the joy that went into them.

Here is to another year, and maybe an anthology or two!



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