Etherea Magazine # 18

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Etherea Magazine #18

Etherea Magazine, #18. A collection of wonderful speculative fiction, from authors around the globe.

We interview the amazingly talented, James Islington, author of The Licanius Trilogy, and the recently released “Will of the Many

Sordidez is reviewed by our very own Katie McIvor

The wonderful cover art supplied by the incredible Cody Vrosh

The Stories:

Chrysalis at the End of the Cosmos

By Delta Caelum

I knew it when this game began; all that begins must come to an end. It was written in each diaphanized piece as I played it with my hand, glinting in the crystal facets, there one moment and gone the next…


My Memory 

By Francesca Perez 

Their memories, at least, were not on display for all to see. At all FUCKING times. They didn’t know what it’s like to see this superficial pity in strangers’ eyes, as they walk past you…


An Even Greater Woman

By Victoria Male

Viv was a consummate professional. She was too smart, too used to this, to allow the sting of the question to register on her features. She knew exactly how to guide her response back to business…


Extinct Species

By Timothy Mudie

A beast that kills a man shall not be suffered to live. That’s in the Bible. Or something close enough to it is anyway. If an animal kills a person, society must kill that animal. There are no second chances…



By C. Mae Thomas

It starts after the music festival: a thin, piercing, high ringing that you could almost forget if you didn’t focus on it so much, wishing you could smudge it out like the cigarettes at the venue…


Trial by Fire

By Matt Tighe

The world burns, it seems, over and over. There are cries for action, and the talking heads still argue on the news, but most people just battle along, having numbly accepted that the new normal is just that little bit closer to hell…


The Dreams That Shape Us

 By Louise Zedda-Sampson

Miirai seemed to stretch with the sunlight, her multicoloured trunk reflecting the pinks, golds, and oranges of the morning; even Liido’s grey trunk wore a gleam of gold. Their silver leaves shimmied with daylight-dipped edges…


On This Day, and All Days, I Think About What I Have Lost

By Dana Vickerson

I join them at the window and the three of us look out at the June sky, wondering if the smoke will finally clear. The glittering lights of the city dull the expanse of stars above us, but I know they’re there all the same…


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