Editorial – June 2022

No writer is an island.

(Nor, for that matter is an editor)

Etherea (who does he think he is then, talkin’ about hi’self not only in the third person, but by the name of the magazine?) had the good fortune to attend the Aurealis Awards this year, and we had the most incredible time.

We were able to put faces to names that we only knew from emails, or social media. Everyone was so welcoming, more than happy to stop by and have a chat, and the variety of people in attendance was vast. SFF is for everyone, and it was truly on display at the awards night.

As I am sure that you are aware (the majority of our subscribers are writers themselves), it can be a somewhat lonely venture being involved in the writing game. There are not many social prospects in sitting in a quiet room somewhere, imagining things and jotting them down. I confess, I myself also fall afoul of the literary slog. That is why attending events like the Aurealis Awards, or writing workshops, or coffees with peers, is so important. It’s rejuvenating, and there is nothing to get you more excited about your own work, than talking to someone who is excited about theirs. It makes you remember why you started in the first place.

So, if I was to impart any wisdom that I gleaned from Australia’s best and brightest in the SFF scene, it would be to not try to do it alone. They always say that for the best results, train in pairs at the gym, and it is the same for writing (indeed, anything). A sympathetic ear, or an encouraging word is invaluable, and could mean the difference between completing a novel, and adding yet another to the “almost pile”.

Reach out, be it to a friend, a group, or even online. Find your people (person?) who will help you get through the slog.

I’ll step down from my pulpit now,


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