Editorial – June 2022

No writer is an island. (Nor, for that matter is an editor) Etherea (who does he think he is then, talkin’ about hi’self not only in the third person, but by the name of the magazine?) had the good fortune… Read More ›


Etherea Magazine #12 – July 2022


Body in a Bullrush, by Vic Tietze

I Am the Chalice and the Offering, by H.V. Patterson

Print a Soul in Six Easy Steps, A Primer by Clover Silverbrook, by Amanda Cook

Blink and You Miss It, by Keily Blair

Asylum, by Dawn Vogel

Stone City Shadow: Vampire Vigilante, by Julia LaFond

Three Times, by Samantha Kelly

An Echo of Gondwana, by Mike Adamson

Dead Men Walking, by Jeremy Szal

A Thief’s Work, by Scott Forbes Crawford

And the Red Dragon Passes, by Emily Randolph-Epstein


We interview talented author, Jason Fischer

Real Sugar is Hard to Find by Sim Kern is reviewed by Katie McIvor

Etherea Magazine #11 – June 2022


The Deepest Mysteries of the Game, by Jordan Chase-Young

Do I?, by Rachel Rodman

The Women at the Edge of the Universe, by Spencer Nitkey

The Fairest Is, by  Aimee Ogden

What You Will Find at a Memory Auction, by Eric Farrell

Don’t Forget Your Goat, by Rick Danforth

The Now Effect, by  Pauline Yates

Ghost Song, by Jeanne Kramer-Smyth

Boom & Bust, by  David F. Shultz

Across the White Desert, by Deborah Sheldon

A Hard Peace, by Eric Lewis


Cristiana Leone tells us about her artistic journey, in the Artist’s Showcase

The Cabinet by Un-su Kim is reviewed by Katie McIvor

Etherea Magazine #10 – May 2022


A Best Seller, by Helena McAuley

The Quick Study, by C.H. Pearce

Teardrops, by Kat Heckenbach

Music for a Dying Planet, by Lewis Chenouth

Salt & Iron, by Kellie Fahy

Ride Along, by Rhonda Parrish

In The Riverlands, Drowning, by Emma Louise Gill (Part 0, Part 1, Part 2)

Monstrous Behaviour, by Matt Tighe

Falling Upwards, by A. Zaykova

The Changing Table, by Salinda Tyson

Such Sweet Sorrow, by Gustavo Bondoni


Interview with Kevin Klehr, author of The Midnight Man.

Gary Trow is the talent behind the Artist’s Showcase

The End of Men by Christina Sweeney-Baird is reviewed by Katie McIvor

Etherea Magazine #9 – April 2022


The Exonaut, by Dewi Hargreaves

Timmy Fell Down the Well, by M. Frei

Grasshopper, by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

The Potion, by Matias Travieso-Diaz

PPR-771, by Laurie Bell

My Master’s Robe, by Greta Hayer

The Five Stages of Grief, by Michelle Ann King

Tracking, by Jason P. Burnham

A Burglary, Addressed By A Young Lady, by Elizabeth Porter Birdsall

Late, by S.F. Flanigan

Social Interface, by Nestor Delfino


Interview with  Melissa Caruso

Katie McIvor reviews A Master of Djinn by P. Djèlí Clark 

Etherea Magazine #8 – March 2022


A Necromancer Need Not Be Evil, by Nick Petrou

The Hunter’s Springby Sydney Sackett

New Wood From Old Treesby Timothy Mudie

Half Pastby Samantha Murray

Germinating Everyday Magic, by Amanda Cook

Blackwood Valley Guardian, by Emma Louise Gill

The Gold Chain, by Gordon Linzner

The Ancient Ones, by Ben Gooley

Climbing Olympus, by Simon Kewin

An Acceptable Risk to the Portfolio, by Brian Hugenbruch

Precious Cargo, by J.R. Rustrian


Interview with Carly A-F

Katie McIvor reviews The Last Day by Andrew Hunter Murray