Podcasting Hubris.

I would say that I am fairly capable storyteller, and a confident enough public speaker for the thought of entertaining a crowd to cause only mild consternation.

So when I was invited to be on Myth and Magic, a Podcast for authors hosted by the amazing Neil Mach, I jumped at the chance.

All I have to do is talk about the Magazine and myself, how hard could that be?

Turns out, hard hard.

Neil had kindly sent over a layout of the questions he would be asking. I initially read through them, and was rather confident in my abilities to answer each one coherently.

The day of the Podcast arrives, and I decide to make sure that my setup is working correctly (got to get the background, and framing of head and shoulders juuuuust right). I also decide to have a quick test run, and record myself answering a couple of the questions.

I am so glad I did.

I was SO bad.

As in, I was awful, terrible, plainly inept.

Words seemed to weigh more as I tried to say them. I would finally get them out and they would fall into my lap, heavy and inert.

No one has portrayed a deer in the headlights better than I did. A real deer would have gotten a run for its money (thankfully it was only a trial, in this metaphor the driver swerves, closely missing, and leaving me shaking in the middle of the road).

“This may be harder than anticipated”

I have to say, it rocks the confidence. Although, looking at the footage now is hilarious…

Will I ever share it?


I am taking it to my grave. (I will share a still, never let it be said I am not a magnanimous editor)

But, it turns out it was just the fright I needed.

I really prepared for the interview, and I think it actually went rather well.

Neil was amazing, and the questions were well thought out and considered. You can see the experience he has to keep the conversation flowing, and I would be lying if I didn’t have the smallest amount of envy in the way he made it seem so effortless.


Lessons for the future.

Preparation necessary – even if all you are doing is talking about yourself.

Turns out “yourself” isn’t actually that well known to you, because you rarely have to think about it.

I am certain there is some deep knowledge hidden in that statement. Either that or it is an utter indictment of who I am as a person (not unlikely).



End note:

Is the setup for the background a natural part of my house?

No, not at all.

Suddenly you realise how many books you have misplaced or lent out when you are trying to set up a meaningful display shelf. How very irritating.

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  1. Snap!! And now there’s a new podcast to enjoy

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