Welcome, one and all to Etherea’s inaugural Spooky Issue! Fittingly published on Hallow’s Eve, a time where the walls between the seen and unseen tremble and crack. Who knows what will be able to reach through these pages? Who knows… Read More ›


This week a small part of Science Fiction became reality. In the vein of ‘Armageddon’, and to a lesser degree ‘Don’t Look Up’, humanity took its first steps in establishing a Planetary Defence System. For those who aren’t aware, on… Read More ›


It’s hard to believe that Etherea has been going for an entire year, but here we are! In many ways, it comes as a bit of a shock to me. Partially because a year could have been the far side… Read More ›

Editorial – June 2022

No writer is an island. (Nor, for that matter is an editor) Etherea (who does he think he is then, talkin’ about hi’self not only in the third person, but by the name of the magazine?) had the good fortune… Read More ›

Editorial May 2022

The Etherea Family is growing! It is with immense pleasure that I welcome Nick Petrou to Etherea as a First Reader. Nick is an accomplished writer, podcaster, and copywriter from way over West (depending on your geographical point of view)…. Read More ›


Welcome to the founding of Etherea Magazine! The freshest face in the speculative short fiction universe! Etherea Magazine hopes to one day become the premier source for short science fiction and fantasy, however we have a long (long) way to… Read More ›