Welcome to the founding of Etherea Magazine! The freshest face in the speculative short fiction universe!

Etherea Magazine hopes to one day become the premier source for short science fiction and fantasy, however we have a long (long) way to go before we can even consider being classified as small. But, all journeys start with a single step – this is ours, and we are proud to take it.

Our short term plans:

  • Establishing the site forum for member interactions
  • Opening submissions to the public
  • Publishing our initial issue – September 2021
  • Selling said issue

Our mid term plans:

  • Putting out any fires that will undoubtably arise
  • Keep publishing issues
  • Grow the forums – would love to establish some critiquing element and writer support

Long term plans are:

  • Keep publishing issues
  • Becoming a hub for speculative fiction

I am so glad you visited the site, and took the time to read about our magazine. I hope to see more of you, and maybe even a story submission or two.

Thank you


Also, full credit to liuzishan of freepik for providing the first header image, it was supposed to only be a placeholder but looks amazing.

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  1. I am excited to watch this grow!

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