Etherea Magazine #3

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Etherea Magazine 3, an Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine



Etherea Magazine #3

Eight fantastic pieces of speculative fiction!

Etherea sat down with accomplished author, Matthew Reilly, to talk about his latest book, killing characters, and much more

Learn why NASA is firing rockets at asteroids (hint: Planetary Defence)

Hear from Independent Author, Tabatha Woods, on self-publishing, how to select a great short story, and her new release SEEDS

We speak with talented writer Emma Gill on her journey with her novel On Solar Winds

Ochre Dragon by V. E. Patton is reviewed


“I hope you don’t read this letter. I hope you just throw it away without opening it. I hope you know it’s me—you—that’s written it. And what it says.” – Karl I Hope You Don’t Read This Letter, by Robert Bagnall

“By the time Freedom detected her, she was only six hours out. A kilometer wide, the rock heralded an extinction level event.” – Natural Selection, by Michael Simon

“Rule 1 – failure to protect your child-bot will result in instant death.” – Tending to Echo, by Jane Brown

“Violet felt dizzy. Hair, skin and face, she was looking at herself.” – Brushstrokes, by Tara Calaby

“Who’s the prey and who’s the predator when all the lights are gone? ” – Run, Witch, Run, by Russell Hemmel

“Agony flared down Thrupnott’s arm, but even as he sucked in a breath and fought to get the living skeleton off the pain began to fade, along with everything else.” – Thrupnott Clears a ‘Berg,  by Rob Francis

“Raw convective heat surges through the bladed nozzle of my new mouth.” – Kay’s Blow-Dryer, by Eric Farrell

“On the way, he spotted the rock pinnacle that must have brought them down. Why hadn’t the ship’s sensors avoided it?” – Energy of the Vacuum, by Gordon Cash



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