Etherea Magazine #4

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Etherea Magazine #4

Nine fantastic pieces of speculative fiction!

Etherea sat down with the talented Nicholas Eames, to talk about his writing process, inspiration for his characters, and much more.

Hear from Independent Author, Carrie Harris, on supervising autopsies, working with small presses, and working for Marvel

Enjoy the amazing artwork supplied by highly talented artist Madison Brake

Resistance by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky  is reviewed


“Mano was going to lose. He knew that already; he had that sick, stone-hard feeling in his stomach which tells you it’s all over” – The Halophyte, by Katie McIvor

“But the poster’s true purpose weren’t to sell us anything, we’d already been bought. It were to reassure us we was making the right decision.” – Those That Would Eat Time, by Harman Burgess

“The Ever After in question belonged to a heroine of unthreatening kindness, magnificent hair, and quite a knack for musical improvisation. ” – A Fairytale, Ending, by Marissa James

” I turned over and tried to get back to sleep, but it continued. Definitely a man screaming” – Every Nine Days, by Adrian Milnes

“You don’t remember, do you? You retain only the most rudimentary ancestral memory.” – A Caucus of the Body Politicby C.J. Peterson

“If it’s chaffwind all the old military bots outside will be offline, too, Reeshard. We can get out past them, then up higher with the beacon, reestablish connectivity.” – Stormsong,  by Tom Dullemond

“The thunder of dragons’ wings heralded the arrival of more wounded.  I glanced at Doran as the young Shaman’s Apprentice sighed” – Triage, by Michael A. Clark

“But legally? No death penalty on Andropov Station, no matter how terrible the crime.” – Spacewalk, by Royce Wilson

“Undermaster Valdon Spare folded back into his chair.  He looked exhausted.  Other people’s dreams were tiring.” – Misplaced Dreamsby Nicole Walsh



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