Etherea Magazine #2

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Etherea Magazine 2, an Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine



Etherea Magazine # 2

In this issue we have eight short speculative fiction stories from some utterly talented writers.

“Why can’t I type like that? How come he gets all this inspiration to write and then it just flows out of him?”

The Price of Inspiration, by Nick Marone

“I’ve come to muster the town. The realm is in peril and the king’s envoys have traversed the land with the call to arms.” – Those Olden Shackles, by Jason Restrick

“That while there was a seven percent probability of the enemy ship escaping there was a sixty percent chance that I would contract food poisoning from the dishes piled up in the galley” – In Space No-One Can Hear You Clean, by Scott Steensma

“She’s there when I open my eyes. All 7 foot 2 of her, perched on the edge of my bed.” – Dream a Little Dream, by Emma Kathryn

“I walk down the ramp toward the command center. Today, I destroy IGAP.” – This is How the Revolution Begins, by Aaron Emmel

“I tried not to think of how she would cope during the next Cycle, torn from the only family—the only life—she’d ever known, and dropped into a new one. Could anything be more cold or vicious?” – Assignment Day, by Jon Gauthier

“Jaya palmed the Charakar stone in her hand and stood up. It was time.” – The Mineral Thief, by Sangeetha Thanapal

“But only when one is abandoned does he come to truly understand his fellow man.” – A Hundred Souls for the Dark Master, By J.D. Harlock

Also including a scintillating interview with Fiona McIntosh, two Indie Author Spotlights, and a book review of Nolyn – the latest novel from Michael J Sullivan

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