Etherea Magazine #1

$5.00 excl. tax

Issue 1 of  Etherea Magazine, an Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine


Etherea Magazine Issue # 1

Get a piece of history, and buy the inaugural issue of Etherea Magazine!

Consider the possibilities of multi-generational knowledge, in Inheritance by Alexander Funk

Will humanity carry the sins of a dead planet to our new home, in How We Survive by Ali Abbas

Is love worth sacrificing for the greater good, in Cracked Feet by Ellen Coates

Can we flee judgement, in Testament by Cameron Mcconachie

Will a machine ever understand our purpose, in Nature of Things in Motion by Marlan Smith

Who is behind every triviality, in One Thong Left on the Beach by Scott Hudson

and an Interview with Sam Hawke, the award winning author of the Poison War Novels


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