Reprints Accepted

Old is new again! Or is it not recycling, but upcycling? I don’t know, but either way the people have spoken and Etherea Magazine is now accepting reprints (stories that have previously been published elsewhere). This is due to multiple… Read More ›

Podcasting Hubris.

I would say that I am fairly capable storyteller, and a confident enough public speaker for the thought of entertaining a crowd to cause only mild consternation. So when I was invited to be on Myth and Magic, a Podcast… Read More ›

Letters to the Editor

One of my favourite parts of reading comic books and magazines as a child and teen was to read the Letters to the Editor. The points of view of other readers, hearing how they felt about the state of storylines,… Read More ›

Release Day

And we are officially live! The first issue has finally dropped, and it is amazing! We have a collected some of the best short stories from some absolutely incredibly skilled writers. I had many plans of writing an exceptionally long… Read More ›

Week 2 Update

Well, we are right into Week Two for Etherea magazine! Submissions have been coming in thick and fast, and our site has been added to several online writing resources, such as The Submission Grinder, Duotrope, and Literarium. This is all… Read More ›