Letters to the Editor

One of my favourite parts of reading comic books and magazines as a child and teen was to read the Letters to the Editor. The points of view of other readers, hearing how they felt about the state of storylines, the comic book or magazine, or just a comment on the world, made for a captivating reading experience.

I would love if we could capture this feeling with our magazine.

Therefore, we are opening up the floor to you, our patrons, to give us any of your opinions that you deem worth sharing. This will, of course, be within reason. However, I will point out there is a difference between a strong, contentious stance, and hateful speech. If the letter stays on this side of decency, we will probably publish it.

You might wonder why we are bothering, as it is unlikely that people will specifically write out an entire email just to have their say published in a magazine, and you may be right. But we won’t know unless we try!

So starting today, if you have something you want to share, or get off your chest, or think others ought to know about, flick us an email. Just make sure the subject of the email is “Letters” and your pen name (the name you wish to be published with the letter).

Will I regret this? Maybe. Will it be worse if we get no letters sent in? Definitely (Oh the embarrassment)

Let us know what you think (In an email titled “Letters”!)

Thank you


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