Release Day

And we are officially live!

The first issue has finally dropped, and it is amazing! We have a collected some of the best short stories from some absolutely incredibly skilled writers.

I had many plans of writing an exceptionally long and rambling first day post, however I have been behind this screen for the last 12 hours, so I am afraid that you miss out (or are spared, whichever is your viewpoint)

But a quick note, this is a really exciting time for us, and I am glad that you are here to share it with us. The magazine has gone from an idle daydream, to suddenly being available to purchase. Where the time went in between? I don’t know.

In all seriousness though, we are very proud to present the magazine. The quality of the stories are fantastic, and you can only imagine the time and effort that went into writing them. It is also quite the global collaboration, with writers coming from Germany, the UK, the USA, and of course, Australia. Some have had experiences being published before, for others this is their first time. I was very happy to learn that we would be sharing our first day jitters!

But moving on, there is a lot in the pipework for this magazine. Essentially, we are working hard behind the scenes to get our ducks in a row (Yes, you read that right, a generic metaphor followed directly by a double metaphor. Your Editor, Ladies and Gentlemen!).

I hope you get as much fun out of reading Etherea as we did making it.

Thank you


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