The Latest Reviews of The Best Walking Tours of Faerie on

The Latest Reviews of The Best Walking Tours of Faerie on

by Amanda Cook

1. Christie Sumner rated it 3/5 stars

“I found this book in an antiquarian bookshop in London while I was on holiday. The bookseller said he didn’t have any book with that title on inventory. He thought I brought it in on my own. He couldn’t charge me for it, so I left with a free book along with a first edition Agatha Christie. One of the B&Bs I stayed in was close to an entrance to Faerie, but seeing as I was in Great Britain for only a couple of weeks, I didn’t want to chance never seeing home again. The illustrations of Faerie are lovely though. It would make a great holiday gift for any traveler.”

2. Julian Mendelsohn rated it 5/5 stars

“Excellent book! Worth every bowl of cream I left in the back garden. A young Faerie agreed to be my guide and led me through the Rowan Forest and around the Shadow Hills. Beautiful countryside! I spent many wonderful years lost in the Court’s songs as we sat under a purple sky full of more stars than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. A++ Would recommend to anyone who loves long hikes and lots of sleep.”

3. Troll Underbridge rated it 5/5 stars

“I owe it to the queen. So many humans have found their way to my bridge since her top scribe published this book. Delightful humans, all of them, especially at teatime. I will be giving this book to my kin on Three Goat Day. I know they will all love it.”

4. Queen Mab rated it 0/5 stars

“Shoddy craftmanship. None of the tours make any sense or go anywhere. My pet black widow could have written a better book. If anyone wants to see the real Faerie, they need to read Six Steps to Wings by Ash Silverbrook. That one will wake anyone up to what’s in their own back garden.”

5. Henry Dithers rated it 4/5 stars

“I found the book when I was digging up an old flower bed in my backyard. I think maybe the previous owners left it there. It’s a good read. I took one short walk to Butterfly Waterfall, but the height made me dizzy and I had to go back. I think I only lost a week or two. The pictures are nice, but they don’t do the real Faerie justice. I’d recommend it to people who like nature. I’ll probably try another one of the walks someday, when I have more time.”

6. Jane Meriwether rated it 5/5 stars

“For my bachelorette party, my friends and I decided to follow the walk to the Raven Mountains. We could not have been more impressed by the scenery and the views from the top of Ariadne’s Peak. There is so much in Faerie to explore. The birds, the sky, the forests, even the ground! It was all so beautiful and magical. We came back after a year. I missed my wedding, and my fiancé dumped me, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

7. Clover Brightwings rated it 4/5 stars

“This book has changed my life. You cannot imagine all the baubles and sweets I have earned just from guiding humans through Faerie. The walks are easy to follow, and each page is full of history I did not even know myself. And now I get to pass the joy I feel for my own country on to others. If I keep this up, I might even earn a commendation from the queen! EEE!”

8. Vincent Smith rated it 1/5 stars

“I can’t put this book down. I mean it. I literally can’t put it down. All the fairies do is laugh at me when I ask them to help me. It sucks.”

9. Brooke Smithson rated it 5/5 stars

“Adorable pictures. Adorable fairies. Lovely countryside. I spent fifty years of my life walking around Faerie and don’t regret a thing. Get this book if you can find it. It will change your life.”

10. Titania the Real Queen rated it 5/5 stars

“Mab, love, I know you are just hating because you could not write a real book if every flawless word suddenly appeared on the surface of Placid Lake and remained there long enough for you to harvest the finest squid’s ink from the reef around Shell Island. As you can see, every human loves my book and is absolutely dying to see my Faerie. Go back to your web and take your trifling review with you.”


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Amanda Cook lives in the middle of a Southern Indiana woods, which she swears hides an entrance to Faerie. Her short fiction appears in Page & Spine: Fiction Showcase among other places. Her climate fiction novel, When We Were Forgotten, won the 2018 Independent Publisher Book Award Bronze Medal for Best Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror E-book. She can be found musing about writing, parenting, cosplay, and life in general at

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